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Thirteenth (13th) Month Pay Calculator

I've created an on-page 13th Month Pay Calculator to help my fellow workers out there in projecting the amount that they will be receiving this coming December.

Taxation in the Philippines–How To Compute Your Income Tax

We are nearing the end of 2017, we will be facing the challenges of the new year 2018 with renewed hope and enthusiasm. But the final battle for the previous year is in the month of April, which is the dreaded filing of the Income Tax Returns (ITR) to BIR (Bureau of Internal Revenue).

How To Compute Your 13th Month Pay

December! It is probably the happiest month of the year. This is the month where resolutions are made and mostly broken at the start of the new year. Long Holidays, Sales here and there, Parties left and right, Gift giving, and playing the game of tag or hide and seek with our god-children…. If you know what I mean.

The Social Security Pension Plan - Is it enough to cover your retirement?

This article is the continuation of my previous post titled The Philippines Social Security System – SSS. I advise reading the article to have a full grasp of what we will discuss here.

The Philippines Social Security System - SSS

As mandated by law, all individuals working in private institutions, self-employed and OFWs must have an SSS fund.

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