How To File Your Income Tax Return If You Have Two or More Employers within a Year
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April 15 is the critical date for all Filipinos because it is the set deadline for the Income Tax Return (ITR) filing. If you are employed, then this process is handled by your company.

Manual Filing of Income Tax Return for Individuals with Two or More Employers within a Year
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However, if you've been with several employers within a year, the process of filing will be different. In this article, I will discuss the process of how to do it.


  • Present Employer's form 2316
  • Previous Employer's form 2316
  • Annual Tax Return Form 1700
  • Tax Return Receipt Confirmation email


  • Use an A4 size paper when printing the form 1700 and confirmation email
  • Scale the 2316 forms to A4 size when photocopying. Take note that some of the photocopy machines don't have this feature.
  • You need 3 copies of these documents. 2 for BIR and one for you

Step 1

At the start of the year, your present employer will give you your ITR – Form 2316. Now, if you were able to give your previous employer's 2316 to your present employer. Chances are that the latest ITR is already consolidated. Meaning, you don't need to have it manually computed by BIR.

HR will tell if you need to manually consolidate the returns or not.

Step 2

Even if you are instructed to manually consolidate the return or not. The fact still stands that you will visit BIR to manually file it.

You need to print the Annual Tax Return Form 1700, this is for individuals who are earning pure compensation income. Make sure to print the latest version which is 2018. Click here to view the document.

Fill up the necessary details, make sure that you have the 2316 forms.

Step 3

This is the tricky part. Depending on the BIR branch where you are filing the ITR, they may ask you for a confirmation email that is generated by their electronic BIR forms (eBIRForms) application.

If the BIR branch has a working elounge section, then you're in luck. You can fill up the form 1700 online and wait for the confirmation email. However, if it is not functional, you can go to some shops around BIR that is offering this service (for a fee of course).

If lady luck is not in your favor and you can't find a shop that encodes the eBIRForms for you. You can download the application and do it yourself. Click here to download the eBIRForms application.

Step 4

Fill up all the mandatory fields. The goal here is to submit the online form and receive the confirmation via email. Use gmail or yahoo as your email provider, the application is having problems sending to other providers like hotmail.

Step 5

Print the 1700 form generated by the eBIRForms application and the email confirmation. Refer to reminders above.

The 1700 form generated by the application is a 2013 edition – 4 pages. While the latest (refer to step 2) is a 2018 edition – 2 pages. Just keep this knowledge in mind, this will be useful later.

Tax Return Receipt Confirmation Email
Confirmation email

Step 6

Consolidate the documents – 3 sets.

Arrange the documents in the following order: Confirmation Email, Form 1700, Present Employer's 2316, and Previous Employer' 2316.

Step 7

Submit the documents to the BIR counter who are handling returns. Just ask the BIR's Information counter for details.

If the BIR personnel, didn't receive the memo that the 1700 form in the eBIRforms application is outdated. He or she will ask you why your 1700 form is hand written and will not accept it. The knowledge you've gain in step 5 will now be useful, just tell the personnel that the form is outdated and show both 1700 forms.

The BIR personnel will confirm if it is really outdated, so there will be some waiting time. If it is indeed true, then you are good to go. The forms will be stamped and you will be given a copy. But if in some magical way, the application was updated. You may need to redo the process, starting Step 3.


Given the steps above, it is very clear that you need to take a leave from work just to do the filing. Be early and wear comfortable shoes because it will entail a lot of walking. Check also if the BIR branch you are registered is in a building that implements a dress code – wearing shorts is a no no.


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