The 13 Best Items to have for Disaster Preparedness
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Disasters can happen anytime, it usually strikes when you're least expecting it and when your guard is down. Take for example the Earthquake that happened on April 22, 2019 at around 5:00PM. It was a 6.1 magnitude quake ESE of Gutad, Philippines as its epicenter.
Time to Rethink Disaster Preparedness
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I was doing some kitchen chores when it happened - all defenseless. All I could do is wait and hope that the shaking will just last for a few seconds. To some, this kind of quake is light and can be shrug-off as a normal occurrence. However, if you are living near a major fault line, every jolt of the ground is accompanied by the possibility that the "Big One" may happen. Obviously, natural disasters can't be stopped, no amount of modern technology can do it. All we can do is prepare a survival plan and not forgetting that plan when disaster comes due to panic.

6.1 Magnitude Earthquake in the Philippines - April 22, 2019 - Shake Map

What should you prepare?

I've compiled a list of items to prepare as your pre and post disaster survival kit.

  • First Aid Kit - This should be the first because injuries can happen anytime
  • Bottled Water - You can survive for several days just with water alone
  • Emergency Rations -  Foodstuffs that are high in calories such as candy bars, nutritional bars, energy or sports bars, hard bread or biscuit
  • Identifications and Other Important Documents
  • Emergency Lights - Hand Crank/Kinetic flashlights, Solar powered flashlights or battery powered lights
  • Communication Devices - Mobile Phones and Walkie-Talkies to accommodate both Digital and Analog frequencies
  • Radio - Used to monitor the news
  • Power Sources - Powerbanks, Batteries, and Hand Crank/Kinetic chargers
  • Whistle - Can be used as a signal/marker to locate you
  • Extra Clothing - Preferably quick dry outfits
  • Hiking Tents - Useful when in an evacuation area.
  • Hiking Bag - These bags comes in variety of sizes and is pretty sturdy. This is where your will put your survival kit. Carry only 1 bag so that it will not affect your mobility
  • Cash on Hand - Always carry physical currencies

This kit must be in an accessible location inside your home and can be grab at moments notice. While you have the items prepared, it will be useless if you are not prepared yourself. Bear in mind that when emergency strikes, we tend rely on instincts not logic. One way to control our instinctive nature is to practice and participate in emergency drills. You may laugh at it and consider drills as a dumb activity, but when disaster strikes your knowledge can either save or take your life.

This may not be a full list but this covers the basic essentials that will aid you for several days until the appropriate help arrives. If you have some suggestions that can be added on the list, just write it in the comments below.


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