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About Me

A graduate of BS Computer Science, tried my hands in teaching and I love it! But I need to leave that profession in order to practice my course which is in the field of software development. However, as fate would have it… the career that I want seems to be elusive. Desperate to find work, I applied to an unlikely field, the BPO industry. An introvert like myself who is not good at handling conversations applied as a sales representative. I passed and became one, then my career in BPO started. After I gained experience, I applied to become a TSR, later a live chat agent, and when an opportunity came I applied as a Learning Management System Administrator. Though not exactly a full-time software development job, I can still dab at programming and contribute my skills.

My Financial Journey

I've been reading financial literacy books since I was in College. I can say that I do have the knowledge and tools to pull myself from being poor to financially free. But what is lacking on me at that time was faith and action. I said to myself that once I do have work, I'll start building my wealth. But nothing can be further from the truth… Obligations to both family and myself came up, I prioritized my wants than my needs - YOLO (You Only Live Once) as they say. Yes, I still save but the process is not consistent and the amount I built is not something I envisioned.

My Wake Up Call

I was watching some videos online and I stumbled a video by Bro. Bo Sanchez. I already knew him way back in College since I've read some of his books. The story was concerning a man who was earning good money when he was young but is now scraping the bottom of the barrel on his old age and became a burden to his children. When the man died, as distasteful as it sounds, the children felt that they are freed from their obligations. The message of the video struck me, I said to myself: I don't want this to happen to me! I need to line up my priorities if I don't want to be a burden to my family. From that point on, I again started working my way to become financially free.

-This is my Life In Perspective-

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