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My 2021 Ipon Challege Review and Ipon Challenge 2022


As we end 2021, we are starting (again) to set our new year's goals. Unfortunately, only the diligent ones are blessed to follow their lists for 2022.

A Little Request from the Author


I've been working on this blog for the past six (6) years. As you all know, there are expenses involved to keep this site running.

Top 5 Amazing Blog Posts of 2021


I was planning to publish this article around the last week of December. However, given that the rankings will not change significantly. I just decided to publish this piece today.

What Is the Greatest Gift You Can Give This Christmas?


The Christmas season is upon us. You might be thinking of what gifts to buy for your loved ones. Presents are good and all. It is our way to show tangible proof of our love for them.

4 Spending Tips for Your 13th Month Pay


December, the month that all Filipino working classes are eagerly waiting to arrive. Not because this month is filled with holidays (well… not for this particular year at least) but for the 13th month pay.

Emergency Fund Calculator


If you've been fixing your finances for quite some time, then you probably know that after eliminating bad debts, the next step is building an emergency fund.

The Haunting of Debt: What Happens to Your Debt When You Die?


Talking about our expiration date is a very taboo topic. We grew up believing that talking about death is a bad omen and can cause a curse to befall you or your loved ones.

Break Even Point Calculator: Percentage Gain and Loss


You invest or trade in the stock market in the hopes of earning more. You polish up your skills and know full well that emotions have no place in this field.

Saving for Your Child’s Education Fund


According to the Bible (Proverbs 13:22), "A good man leaves an inheritance to his children’s children". Inheritance here can mean many different things. It can be physical, spiritual, or emotional. Let us focus on the more tangible and all parents can relate, which is education.

Want to Know How Financially Secure Are You? You Need to Pass the James Altucher Test


If we define Financial Security, it means having enough resources to support yourself (if single) or your family's (if married) standard of living from today until in the foreseeable future.

Personal Finance Advice You Can Give as a Friend


Talking about Personal Finance / Finance Tips with your friends is considered a taboo subject. It is much easier to talk about Physics than about money.

Winarak (Destroyed) Finances? 8 Tips on How to Fix It



Unlike the government who has Commission on Audit to monitor their spending and made sure that it was spent appropriately. We ordinary individuals only have ourselves to monitor our finances.

The Many Faces of Get-Rich-Quick Schemes


You've been thought since childhood that wealth requires hard work, skills, patience, and time.

Proxy Inflation Rate Calculator


Last time, I've created an inflation calculator that lets you estimate how much loss of value your money will have given an inflation rate percentage.

Inflation: Future Money Value Calculator



I mentioned in my previous article (Investment Interest Rate and Inflation Rate: An Inseparable Relationship), that you need to find an investment vehicle that offers a much higher interest rate than the average inflation rate.

Investment Interest Rate and Inflation Rate: An Inseparable Relationship


Let us say you've already deployed your funds to different investment vehicles and are just waiting for it to accumulate over time. However, there is one particular aspect in finance that can break your investments, which is inflation.

Million Calculator: How Many Years Will It Take to Reach Your First Million

Do you want to be a millionaire? Time is your ally when it comes to wealth accumulation. Along with smart investment decisions, guts, and consistency, reaching your first million is not that impossible.

Health Insurance: Necessity or Unnecessary


Unlike the pre-pandemic era where you spend most of your time outside and always on the move, which keeps you at least relatively healthy. The pandemic era confines us to our homes, unable to move much, and at high risk when it comes to health problems.

Angel Investing: Become an Angel Investor to Someone


Starting a business endeavor requires not just confidence in the product you are trying to sell but also some form of capital. Either you can solo the expense or ask the help of others through investors through startups or Angel Investors.

Financial Stress and Mental Health


The month of May is Mental Health Awareness month. This awareness celebration may not be as more pronounced pre-pandemic era, but now that we are still in the middle of a pandemic, and are slowly accepting this new normal. Taking care of our mental health is more of a priority now compared to before.

How to Effectively Invest in Cryptocurrency


This is not the first rodeo for cryptocurrencies to make rounds in mainstream media outlets. The only difference now is that because of the pandemic, more eyes are glued to their screens and were able to observe this bull run.

Measuring Happiness - The 5 Stages of Happiness

An article published by laid out the annual Satisfying Salary level or income satiation of each country, where the Philippines is clocked at 28,000 US Dollars or 1.3 million in PH currency.

The Top Two Hindrances to Success

If you ask financial experts about their views about investing, most of them will tell you to start early, be patient, and be consistent.

The Sunk Cost Fallacy: Why It Is Important to Know When to Quit

When it comes to Stock Market investing, the basic play is to fund the investment regularly for a long time. But because of our era of fast information travel, many investors had become impatient and wrongfully applied this notion of being "fast" to investing.

Talk Cryptocurrency: Our Local Cryptocurrency Platforms

With Bitcoin (BTC) hitting almost 3 million and is taking again the forefront of mainstream media. It is impossible to avoid its reach and impact.

The Importance of Having a Separate Hospital Expense Fund


You might be wondering why I was not able to post new articles within a month. The reason is I was dealing with some personal event, and that is the passing of my mother.

A Quick Introduction to Short Selling


When retail investors and some big whales banded together to push the price of GAMESTOP, it flew to the moon, leaving many investors who positioned the stock as a short with a losing position.

Warren Buffet's 20 Slot Rule


When it comes to investing, there is only one authoritative figure that most experts will mention. And that is Warren Buffet.

PhilStocks Position Size Calculator

The main reason why there are a lot of players in the Stock Market that losses money is entering a trade without properly managing the risk. Newbies are the most victim of this kind of situation, especially, if they are taken by the hype.

PhilStocks Average Down Calculator

Trading and Investing in stocks only mean one thing, you will be dealing with numbers all the time. As the main principle of stock is to "Buy Low - Sell High",

PhilStocks Buy and Sell Calculator

To play the Stock Market game, you need to study the proper entry and exit when deciding to buy and sell a position. Remember always the mantra "Buy Low Sell High" is equal to Profit. Knowing when to buy is a pretty straightforward process.

PhilHealth Contribution Calculator for 2021


Effective January 2021 the PhilHealth contribution will increase. The lowest combined (employer-employee) contribution amount will be Php350 and the ceiling contribution is Php2450.

Social Security System (SSS) Employee Contribution Calculator from 2021 to 2022


Effective January 2021 the employee SSS contribution will increase. The lowest contribution amount will be Php135 and the ceiling contribution is Php900.

The Philippine Social Security System (SSS) Employee Contribution Increase Effective 2021


Effective January 2021 the employee SSS contribution will increase. The lowest contribution amount will be Php135 and the ceiling contribution is Php900.

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