COLFinancial Removal of the Php20 Minimum Commission Fee
   Updated: 2024-06-05T14:59:04Z
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Effective June 03, 2024, COLFinancial removed the minimum commission fee of Php20 of both buying and selling transactions.


The Commission Fee is computed using this formula: (Number of Shares x Buy Price) * 0.25%. Before, if the resulting commission fee is less than Php20, the default Php20 is used.



What's in it for me?



This means that the fabled 8K Rule is no longer applicable, enabling retail investors to buy stocks because the entry level amount is much lower.



Also, the gap to break-even is now shorter. As a result, reaching the profitability level is a little bit easier and faster.



Granted that you chose the right stocks to buy and sell.



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Closing Thoughts


Happy Investing and Trading!






"Charging a fee for an online service is a good way to lose 90 percent of your customers."
- Steve Jurvetson
- The Introvert's Perspective by ÆlfRæd (ElfCounsel)
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