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Top 5 Amazing Blog Posts of 2020


As we welcome the new year, let’s take a look at the most read articles that was published here on Your Life In Perspective. Before I present this year’s Top 5 list, let me first thank you for the continuous support that you give to me and this blog.

The Top 3 Easy Ipon Challenges That You Can Start This New Year


As we spend the final week of this year, I bet most of us are starting to write our new year's resolutions. Unfortunately, only a few items on the list will be followed to the letter.


Philippine Bank Interest Rates: US Dollar Time Deposit Accounts


By now, after reading the previous articles, you've realized that having only regular savings and passbook accounts is not gonna make you wealthy.

4 Tips on What to Do with Your 13th Month Pay


As the month of December rolls in and you are starting to draft your New Year's resolution (again), that mostly will be left unfollowed. You are also waiting for that one special thing… and that is the 13th Month Pay.

Philippine Bank Interest Rates: Regular Passbook Savings Account


As you gained experience in saving through your regular savings account, you might plan to do the next logical step. That is to open a Regular Passbook Savings Account.

Philippine Bank Interest Rates: Regular Savings Account


When we are still starting our journey to financial literacy, the first route that most of us took was to put our savings in the bank.

Better Investment, Better Panalo! Premyo Bonds 2


It is that time of the year again where the Bureau of Treasury is offering their 1-year maturity Premyo Bond investment with 1.25% annual interest rate.

The Fabled 8K Rule

Once you enter the start market game and started your journey to financial literacy, your first question will be: "How much should be my minimum stock market investment?"

What Happens to Your Stock Investments When You Die

The goal of many of us when we start investing in the Stock Market (or any form of investments for that matter) is to increase our wealth, which in turn can help ourselves, our family, and others lives to improve. However, some have created investment accounts as a secret (for the intention of surprising their loved ones).

The Uncomfortable Side of Death: Finances

As much as we try to avoid the absolute truth that we have an expiration date, sooner or later this topic will be unavoidably discussed. So might as well prepare for it.

TRAIN Law Income Tax Calculator Effective Until 2021

When the TRAIN law was made effective in 2018, I've created a calculator to help fellow Filipinos know their estimated tax under the new law. Fast forward 2020, the SSS and Philhealth also increased their premiums, which prompted me to create a new calculator reflecting those changes.

The Four Types of Asset Classes That You Should Have

One way to protect your investment capital is to have a diversified portfolio. Meaning, your funds are invested to several asset classes.

Annual Compound And Simple Interest Calculator

Do you want to know how much interest your loan or investment will accumulate overtime? Use this simple calculator.

Mortgage Redemption Insurance (MRI). Is It Really Important?

I think it is safe to say that majority of us Filipinos (if not all) want to have a place that we can call our own. This is why we save/invest part of our income in preparation for our dream home.

Investing Rules: Compounding Interest

If you invest money, you will hear the term interest. If you borrow money, you will still hear this famous term. But what is this exactly?

Investing Rules: The Rule of 69.3

It is common knowledge that if you want to know how many years will it take to double your money, you need to use the Rule of 72. This rule is accurate when it comes to yearly interest rates.

Investing Rules: The Rule of 72

We all know that the main component for any investments to grow is time. This is the reason why you carefully study and choose the investment vehicle to put your money on.

What You Need to Know for First Time Home Buyers

The year is 2020, the year where the whole world was affected by a pandemic. Countries need to close borders to control the infection, which in turn affected the global economy.

Starting a Real Estate Investment Trust: REIT Investing for Beginners

If we talk about investments, it is 100% sure that the topic of Real Estate will pop up. Real Estate is undeniably one of the best form of passive income investment that one can have. However, acquiring one is a difficult and expensive process.

Salary Earners, Where to Invest Your Hard Earned Money

Most of us Filipinos when it comes to income, we rely only to one source, and that is our salary. But when the pandemic hit, many of us lost this primary source.

In the Midst of Challenges, There Are Opportunities

As the government eases the restrictions of the quarantine and is slowly opening the economy to deal with the 'New Normal'. Many have emerged with something new in their sleeve, be it a new skill, knowledge, or an efficient routine.

COLFinancial Calculators Down… Again?

I've received messages to my FB and Twitter page from readers that the Calculators are down.

6 Steps to Master the Art of Budgeting

Budgeting is an essential skill that everyone should take into heart. This is one of the basic steps if you want to be Financially savvy.

Stock Risk Reward Ratio Calculator

Do you want to know your stock transaction Risk Reward Ratio? Use this calculator!

How to Compute the Stock's Risk Reward Ratio

In order for you to profit in the Stock Market, you need to be a Risk Taker. However, in order to survive it…You need to be a Risk Manager.

Warren Buffet's Financial Advise During a Pandemic

As we are slowly accepting the New Normal and is sorting out our lives to live with the new set up. Still, some of our systems/routines are reluctant with the adjustments.

COLFinancial Calculators Down?

As you may have observed, all of the tools under the blog's Calculators category had been down for around two or three days. The reason for this issue was a digital certificate that expired on May 16, 2020.

Present and Future COVID19 Plan: Where to Invest Your Capital

Truly, this pandemic is unprecedented, though it was expected to happen sooner or later, given that the last major pandemic was at least 100 years ago. What the world didn't expect, however, is the sheer effect on the economy.

PhilHealth Contribution Table for OFWs Effective 2020

UPDATE: Increase in PhilHealth premiums of OFWs suspended. As the news about PhilHealth's increased monthly premium start circulating. The agency received backlash from the affected OFWs, that it forced the government to suspend the said roll out.

List of Cyclical and Non Cyclical Industries

As we wait for the development of the vaccine, our best method of controlling the infection is to practice social distancing and adhering to the set quarantine procedures.

What Are the Types of Stocks to Buy During Stock Market Recessions

As the world is battling for its survival against the coronavirus pandemic, the publicly listed companies are also fighting their own battle to keep their prices from falling too much, and in turn keep the economy afloat.

The Importance of Building An Emergency Fund

When the PH government declared the Community Quarantine in the middle of March 2020, everyone was taken aback by the sudden (though expected) declaration.

Best Defensive Techniques During Stock Market Recessions

As the WHO declared the COVID-19 a pandemic, the result to economies were catastrophic. The stock markets around the world felt the effect, and a sharp downturn has happened.

The Filipino Stock Trader and Investor Toolkit: Stock Trading & Investing for Beginners

As you are enlightened about the wealth opportunities of the stock market and is eager to learn its inner workings. It is most likely that your first learning experience is through blog and video content.

The Stock Market Recession: 6 Smart Investing Techniques

As we all know, the outbreak of the CoronaVirus had caused economies to fluctuate. This caused a downturn of stock markets globally. As of the latest news, the WHO had declared the virus outbreak as a global emergency and possibly be escalated to a pandemic.

In Love? 6 Financial Facts You Need to Sort out Before Entering a Commitment

Since time immemorial, the month of February has been associated with "Love", because during this month we celebrate Saint Valentine's of Rome day. I need to be specific because the name is shared by other Saints. ^_^

Home Purchase Budget Calculator

Do you want to know how much you can really afford when purchasing your dream home?

Planning on Buying a House? Know How Much House You Can Really Afford.

There are many forms of success, but most of us Filipinos… owning an abode or a home is one of the tangible evidence that our hard work and sacrifices paid off.

SSS Pension Calculator (Using the New Contribution Table - Effective April 2019 Onwards)

Will your pension plan be able to sustain your expenses in the future? Find out by using the SSS Pension Calculator Philippines.

The 23rd Philippine International Hot Air Balloon Fiesta - The Longest Running Aviation Event in Asia!

Now on its 23rd or shall we say… 24th if last year's PIHABF was pushed through. But things happened… and the 2019 occasion needed to take the back seat.

AirAsia Flight - Camera Travel Tripod Not Allowed?

I was travelling from MNL to DVO, then to SUG to attend my daughter's baptism. As it is an important event, I brought my camera (a Fujifilm FinePix S1 - Bridge Camera and a telescopic Tripod that is suitable for travel).

SMART Goal Planning for Your New Year's Resolution

As we welcome the new year, we also set our resolutions for the year. This somewhat became a tradition to set goals but is almost always never followed through.
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