In Love? 6 Financial Facts You Need to Sort out Before Entering a Commitment
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Since time immemorial, the month of February has been associated with "Love", because during this month we celebrate Saint Valentine's of Rome day. I need to be specific because the name is shared by other Saints. ^_^

In Love? 6 Financial Facts You Need To Sort Out Before Entering A Commitment
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On the 14th, many will propose to their partner and hoping for a “Yes” as an answer. By the next day, many will be singing "Love of a Lifetime" while others will be in the tune of "It must have been love".

But before you ask or give that "Yes", you need to answer some of the financial facts about yourself. This is to ensure that you will be at least ready for what is to come, because in reality, financial issue is one of the top reasons of conflict between partners.

  1. Do I have a stable Source of Income? - Sometimes Love Just Ain't Enough.

  2. Am I Buried in Debt? - Pay It Back

  3. Do I have Savings or Investments? - I Will Buy You A New Life

  4. What are my Financial Goals? - Billionaire

  5. What is my Attitude towards Money (Mindset)? - Can't Buy Me Love

  6. Did I have a discussion with my partner about Finances? - Money Changes Everything

If you answer Yes to all of the above questions, then you are at least ready for the next chapter of your life, which is marriage. Remember that proper communication is the key to a healthy relationship. Discuss Financial Issues as a Topic before it becomes "THE" topic.

Wishing you good luck for this month of Love! If you have "financial questions - song title tandem" in mind, let me know in the comments below so that we can update the list.

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"Love conquers all things except poverty and toothache."
Mae West

   - Your Life In Perspective by Ælfræd "Elf Counsel"

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