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COL Financial Buy and Sell Calculator

To play the Stock Market game, you need to study the proper entry and exit when deciding to buy and sell a position. Remember always the mantra "Buy Low Sell High" is equal to Profit. Knowing when to buy is a pretty straightforward process. However, it is difficult to

determine when to sell a position because of two reasons: Greed – this is when you are looking at a green portfolio, and is expecting/hoping that the prices will still go up to maximize profit. Fear – your portfolio is blood red and is afraid of cutting losses or mitigating the situation by averaging down (Average Down Calculator).

Below is a calculator that I've created to help you in deciding of when are you going to sell your position.

COLFINANCIAL Buy and Sell Calculator

If you have a position that you want to average down, then use the COL Financial Stock Share Position Size Calculator - PSE Calculator.

Stay tuned also for the mobile app version of this calculator. As of now, just visit this post every time you want to use the calculator.

I am hoping that it can help someone out there.

- Your Life In Perspective -

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