How Much is the Current Taxi Fare here in the Philippines?
   Updated: 2019-04-04T02:42:17Z
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In October 2017, the Land Transportation Franchising and Regulatory Board (LTFRB) released a mandate increasing the Taxi fare. Though it was released over a year ago, the implementation took awhile because LTFRB is doing the Taximeter recalibration when a Taxi is due for Franchise renewal.

An estimate of 21,000 Taxis are in circulation in NCR, so it took a while to implement the change. I am not a stranger when it comes to riding a taxi, so I was able to observe the fare increase by just observing the meter and decided to write about it to share the information.

The LTFRB Website

If there are any changes that are related to our public transportation, this is the department to go. Fare Rates are published on their website. So don't forget to pay a visit!

The Taxi Vehicle itself

Depending on how diligent the Taxi operator is, information regarding the increase is posted. Some have the "Recalibrated" sticker from LTFRB and others also have the old and new fare matrix printed.

Taxi Fare Matrix

Is there a benefit for the passengers?

LTFRB allowed the fare increase but in a condition that Taxi operators must upgrade their technology to keep their passengers safe.

Below are some of the conditions for the fare increase:

  • Taxi drivers are required to have a mobile application provided by an LTFRB accredited transport network company
  • Provide its own CCTV inside the vehicle
  • Dash Cam
  • GPS

If we think about the benefits of the increase, this is a win-win solution. Let us just hope that the operators will comply with these changes and LTFRB will continue to monitor these changes.

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