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PhilHealth Contribution Calculator

As mentioned in my previous article New PhilHealth Contribution Table Effective 2020, I've created a calculator that  will aid in calculating the monthly PhilHealth contributions.

New PhilHealth Contribution Table Effective 2020

Recently, the government launched the Universal Health Care Law of 2019, which help finance the National Health Insurance Fund, making all Filipinos able to avail the outpatient packages (the provisions are currently being finalized) and immediate eligibility to benefits during confinement/hospitalization.

The 13th Month Pay Law of the Philippines

We are now in the last leg of 2019, which is the month of December. December, is the most festive month for us Filipinos because the month is crammed with several occasions like; Christmas, Rizal Day, New Year, and Company year-end parties.

The Complete Beginner's Guide to Government Bonds

If we remove all the confusing branches of the government, we will soon realize, that in its heart, the government is simply a business entity.

iBlog: The 15th Philippine Blogging Summit - The Finale!

Every journey has its end, but it doesn't mean that we also need to stop moving forward. We bloggers must not stop. We must evolve.

Planning to own a pet? Read: The Added Expenses of Having a Pet.

Scientific studies have shown that having a pet reduces stress levels and undeniably, can make the person (pet owner) happy. If we just look around, there are many pet owners that supports this idea.

Life Insurance 101 - Insurance vs Assurance - Part 3 of 3

Like the I.T. field, the Investment field is also using technical terms. Either, they wanted to sound cool or pique the customer's interests, it all depends on the context of the message if it is appropriate to use jargon or not.

The Types of Stock Dividends Given by Companies

If you have been practicing a dividend investing strategy in the stock market, you’ve probably already knew that a dividend is not always in cash form.

Life Insurance 101: Types of Life Insurance Policies - Part 2 of 3

There are many types of life insurance policies, each are catered depending on the needs of the client. We will only focus on the four (4) popular types.

Life Insurance 101 - Part 1 of 3

Insurance, as defined by Merriam-Webster: Is a coverage whereby one party undertakes to guarantee another against loss by a specified hazard/peril. In other words, this is a form of contract that will support us financially just in case an unfortunate event happens, which is in truth, a very inevitable occurrence.

Investing In Mutual Funds for Beginners

As you journey towards Financial freedom, you will soon realize that your regular bank savings account will not be enough. Sooner or later you will look for other investment vehicles to grow your money. The stock market is one option but it requires knowledge and skills to play the game properly.

The List of Blue Chip Companies in the Philippines

There are 324 companies currently listed in the Philippine Stock Exchange as of 2019. These companies are categorized to Big Caps, Mid Caps, Small Caps, and Penny Stocks.

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