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How Much is the Current Taxi Fare here in the Philippines?

In October 2017, the Land Transportation Franchising and Regulatory Board (LTFRB) released a mandate increasing the Taxi fare. Though it was released over a year ago, the implementation took awhile because LTFRB is doing the Taximeter recalibration when a Taxi is due for Franchise renewal.

5 Amazing Blog Posts of 2018

As we welcome the new year, let’s take a look at the most read articles that was published here on Your Life In Perspective.

Product Review: Fujifilm Finepix S1 Bridge Camera

The camera is one piece of technology that enable us to preserve precious memories. You can basically travel back in time by just looking into pictures that you've took.

Doing Customs Duty Fees the Right Way

I've recently bought a second-hand camera from an eBay seller in Kyoto, Japan. I usually buy stuff online but it was my first time to buy an item where the customs fee is not covered.

SSS Pension Calculator

Will your pension plan be able to sustain your expenses in the future? Find out by using the SSS Pension Calculator Philippines.

The Insider's Guide of When to Buy Stocks

You've just recently discovered the beautiful yet scary world of the stock market. You were inspired by those individuals, who made fortunes from it and you want the share of the pie too.

Common Stock VS Preferred Stock

When you dive into the stock market, you are usually investing in Common Stocks. Most of the new investors, don't know that there is another type of stock that you can choose. There are two kinds of stock that investors can invest in the stock market. These are Common Stocks and Preferred Stocks.

The Philippine Stock Market Primer for every "Juan"

Businesses are the main driving force of any economy, a strong business sector means a country is capable to sustain the needs of its citizens – which is Job generation. But as time goes forward, we are in the constant fight to make ends meet to provide for ourselves and for our family. Being in this situation, we grab every opportunity that might come. The Philippine Stock market is one of these many opportunities.
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