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Philippine Monthly Net Salary Calculator


The bigger the gross income or salary, the bigger the deductions. This is an inescapable fact. So, before you sign that Job Offer, make sure that your net income or salary is within your ideal range.

Philippine Tax Withholding Calculator for 2022


In 2020, I created an income tax calculator to help compute your estimated monthly withholding tax. The intent was to give you an estimate of your remaining salary after all the tax deductions.

PhilHealth Contribution Calculator for 2022


Effective January 2022, PhilHealth will still retain its 3% premium rate from the year 2020 instead of using the planned 4% increase for 2022. The lowest combined (employer-employee) contribution amount will be Php300, while the ceiling contribution is Php1800.

My 2021 Ipon Challege Review and Ipon Challenge 2022


As we end 2021, we are starting (again) to set our new year's goals. Unfortunately, only the diligent ones are blessed to follow their lists for 2022.

A Little Request from the Author


I've been working on this blog for the past six (6) years. As you all know, there are expenses involved to keep this site running.

Top 5 Amazing Blog Posts of 2021


I was planning to publish this article around the last week of December. However, given that the rankings will not change significantly. I just decided to publish this piece today.

What Is the Greatest Gift You Can Give This Christmas?


The Christmas season is upon us. You might be thinking of what gifts to buy for your loved ones. Presents are good and all. It is our way to show tangible proof of our love for them.

4 Spending Tips for Your 13th Month Pay


December, the month that all Filipino working classes are eagerly waiting to arrive. Not because this month is filled with holidays (well… not for this particular year at least) but for the 13th month pay.

Emergency Fund Calculator


If you've been fixing your finances for quite some time, then you probably know that after eliminating bad debts, the next step is building an emergency fund.

The Haunting of Debt: What Happens to Your Debt When You Die?


Talking about our expiration date is a very taboo topic. We grew up believing that talking about death is a bad omen and can cause a curse to befall you or your loved ones.

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