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4 Spending Tips for Your 13th Month Pay


December, the month that all Filipino working classes are eagerly waiting to arrive. Not because this month is filled with holidays (well… not for this particular year at least) but for the 13th month pay.

Emergency Fund Calculator


If you've been fixing your finances for quite some time, then you probably know that after eliminating bad debts, the next step is building an emergency fund.

The Haunting of Debt: What Happens to Your Debt When You Die?


Talking about our expiration date is a very taboo topic. We grew up believing that talking about death is a bad omen and can cause a curse to befall you or your loved ones.

Break Even Point Calculator: Percentage Gain and Loss


You invest or trade in the stock market in the hopes of earning more. You polish up your skills and know full well that emotions have no place in this field.

Saving for Your Child’s Education Fund


According to the Bible (Proverbs 13:22), "A good man leaves an inheritance to his children’s children". Inheritance here can mean many different things. It can be physical, spiritual, or emotional. Let us focus on the more tangible and all parents can relate, which is education.

Want to Know How Financially Secure Are You? You Need to Pass the James Altucher Test


If we define Financial Security, it means having enough resources to support yourself (if single) or your family's (if married) standard of living from today until in the foreseeable future.

Personal Finance Advice You Can Give as a Friend


Talking about Personal Finance / Finance Tips with your friends is considered a taboo subject. It is much easier to talk about Physics than about money.

Winarak (Destroyed) Finances? 8 Tips on How to Fix It



Unlike the government who has Commission on Audit to monitor their spending and made sure that it was spent appropriately. We ordinary individuals only have ourselves to monitor our finances.

The Many Faces of Get-Rich-Quick Schemes


You've been thought since childhood that wealth requires hard work, skills, patience, and time.

Periodic Deposit Calculator: How Much Do You Need to Invest Monthly to Reach Your First Million


Last time, I've created a little tool that helps you to calculate how many years will it take to reach your first million. Click 'Million Calculator: How Many Years Will It Take to Reach Your First Million' to try.

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