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What You Need to Know for First Time Home Buyers

The year is 2020, the year where the whole world was affected by a pandemic. Countries need to close borders to control the infection, which in turn affected the global economy.

Starting a Real Estate Investment Trust: REIT Investing for Beginners

If we talk about investments, it is 100% sure that the topic of Real Estate will pop up. Real Estate is undeniably one of the best form of passive income investment that one can have. However, acquiring one is a difficult and expensive process.

Salary Earners, Where to Invest Your Hard Earned Money

Most of us Filipinos when it comes to income, we rely only to one source, and that is our salary. But when the pandemic hit, many of us lost this primary source.

In the Midst of Challenges, There Are Opportunities

As the government eases the restrictions of the quarantine and is slowly opening the economy to deal with the 'New Normal'. Many have emerged with something new in their sleeve, be it a new skill, knowledge, or an efficient routine.

COLFinancial Calculators Down… Again?

I've received messages to my FB and Twitter page from readers that the Calculators are down.

6 Steps to Master the Art of Budgeting

Budgeting is an essential skill that everyone should take into heart. This is one of the basic steps if you want to be Financially savvy.

Stock Risk Reward Ratio Calculator

Do you want to know your stock transaction Risk Reward Ratio? Use this calculator!

How to Compute the Stock's Risk Reward Ratio

In order for you to profit in the Stock Market, you need to be a Risk Taker. However, in order to survive it…You need to be a Risk Manager.

Warren Buffet's Financial Advise During a Pandemic

As we are slowly accepting the New Normal and is sorting out our lives to live with the new set up. Still, some of our systems/routines are reluctant with the adjustments.

COLFinancial Calculators Down?

As you may have observed, all of the tools under the blog's Calculators category had been down for around two or three days. The reason for this issue was a digital certificate that expired on May 16, 2020.

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