City Life v Country Life: Which Is the Best?
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I've been living in the province for two years, experiencing its ups and downs. Let me share my perspective.


Recently, I traveled to Manila to process some work requirements. And while doing that, I began thinking of the "what ifs" if we chose not to relocate two years ago.


City Life v Country Life: Which Is the Best?
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    Why Did We Relocate?


    The reason was because of our growing family. Our children are still little, and we want to be with them during their formative years.



    The Sacrifices That We Are Ready to Make


    The very first fear was our source of income. Let's be honest, the daily wage is vastly different in the province compared to the city.


    Can we support our family? What are the viable jobs that fit our experience? These are two of the many questions that popped up when we were contemplating this major decision with my wife.


    We were ready to leave all those benefits and let God, fate, and destiny take its course.



    The Miracle


    Fortunately, our workplace allows a very flexible work setup. We were allowed to work from home even before the pandemic.


    I talked to my boss about my request, and I am thankful that they are very supportive. The company where my wife is working also granted her request. Long story short, we were able to relocate and still keep working with our respective companies.



    The Challenges


    My wife and I grew up in the province, so living here is not that difficult. However, living in the city for more than a decade is enough for us to see the missing pieces.


    • Healthcare - Access to specialized doctors are hard to come by.
    • Proximity - The closest metro city is a 7-hour bus ride.
    • Opportunities - This is the very reason why many "probinsyanos" like me went to Manila in the first place.



    Is Living in the City Better?


    It really depends on several factors such as:


    • Proximity to your workplace
    • Your mode of transportation
    • Are you renting or not


    For me, the last item is the most important one, especially if you have a family. As for item #1, it can be solved by item # 2.


    If you are able to solve these three items, you are at least set to live in the city.



    But It Is Less Expensive in the Province


    That is true. As an example, wet market items are affordable here. Other items like diapers, milk, and medicines are almost the same price wherever you are in the Philippines.


    However, due to inflation, expenses are slowly catching up. The impact of it is not negligible. I know it firsthand.



    What's the Solution?


    The quickest solution to this dilemma is to find a job that pays more. There are also other solutions like part-time jobs and side-hustles.



    The Issue


    If I go to the job route, most job postings are on a hybrid setup now, and the high-paying ones are obviously not here in the province.


    So I am faced with the situation of going back to the city but defeating the purpose of our relocation two years ago.




    Closing Thoughts


    If we decide to stay or go back, either decision will have its pros and cons. This dilemma of mine is just a result of overthinking about the future, which we all do when our brain wanders around.


    However, one thing is for sure. We are happy because we are a complete family here. And that's all that matters.




    What you should do today


    What's your dilemma? Share your perspective in the comments below.


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