PhilHealth Contribution Table for OFWs Effective 2020
   Updated: 2020-05-07T21:26:13Z
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UPDATE: Increase in PhilHealth premiums of OFWs suspended. As the news about PhilHealth's increased monthly premium start circulating. The agency received backlash from the affected OFWs, that it forced the government to suspend the said roll out.

As the government faced the onslaught of petitions, they may need to revisit their plan in order to appease the Overseas Filipino Workers. For one, the OFWs are seldom, if NOT using their PhilHealth benefits at all because their employers have their own version of Health Care. So it is illogical for them to pay a high premium for a benefit they couldn't use.

The OFW's side has a point, however, the same can be applied to companies locally who provided HMOs for their employees, which covers a lot more than PhilHealth. But let us not delve in comparison as it is not the main point of this article.

Now, for the main point...

I was planning to create a PhilHealth contributions calculator for OFWs but as I checked PhilHealth's documents, both local and overseas workers are using the same contribution table. So I'll just point you to my previous articles instead.

The roll out may be suspended now, but for sure it will be implemented. As this is related to the Universal Health Care Law. For obvious reasons, the agency needs budget to accommodate all qualified citizens under the UHC law. Read my article New PhilHealth Contribution Table Effective 2020 to know the 2019-2025 percentage increase.

To check how much your annual contribution will be, visit PhilHealth Contribution Calculator Effective 2020.

To mitigate this issue, the government will need to find the middle ground to please both local and overseas workers.

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