Product Review: Fujifilm Finepix S1 Bridge Camera
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The camera is one piece of technology that enable us to preserve precious memories. You can basically travel back in time by just looking into pictures that you've took.

As the technology progresses, you tend to select the most efficient and at the same time affordable camera. If you are familiar with cameras, then it is basic knowledge that it is divided into three categories: Point and Shoot, Bridge, and SLR.


Camera Categories

  • Point and Shoot – very basic, no complex features and very easy to use. Just point and shoot. This is ideal for individuals who only want the essentials.
  • Bridge – considered as the middle ground, ideal for amateur/occasional photographers. This camera have most of the functions of a SLR, the only difference is it uses a fixed lens.
  • SLR – the go to camera for professional photographers, you can use a wide array of lenses depending on the kind of photography scene you want to take.

Given the fact that Photography is not my line of work, having a bridge camera is enough for me. However, I am not discounting owning an SLR but the urgency of buying it is very low.

Why I chose the S1?

The Fujifilm S1 is a bridge camera that was discontinued in 2014. Even if this is an old camera, the technology is still dated and its capabilities are within my expectations. Below are the list of features that really sold me of buying the S1.

  • The lens is capable of 50x optical and 50x digital zoom. In terms of DSLR lingo, it has a zoom capability of 1200mm.
  • 16 Megapixel - 1/2.3" CMOS Sensor – it can take images and videos in high detail.
  • ISO 800 – 12800 – assist in image exposures/brightness.
  • Electronic View Finder – helps you to focus on the subject when taking photos.
  • 3 inches fully articulated LCD screen – you can angle and rotate the screen to have a better view of your subject. You can even use the camera to take a selfie.
  • Built-in Wireless – you can connect the camera to your phone/PC (using Fujifilm's camera remote) to transfer photos and even control the camera.
  • Weather Sealed Body – you can use the camera in the rain without worry. You don't need to buy special casing for the camera when taking the camera to the beach or water parks. Keep in mind though that this camera will not survive being submerged. There is a difference between a weather sealed and water proof camera.

This particular camera has been on my radar since 2014. It was advertised as the World's First Weather-Resistant Bridge camera. However, due to financial circumstances during that time and the availability of the unit itself here in the Philippines, it took some time (4 years) to finally get hold of the camera.

Want More Information?

  • Fujifilm Website – This is the obvious authority of the camera itself since they are the manufacturer.
  • Camera Decision Website – This is a good comparison and review website. I've spend a lot of time here comparing the S1 to other bridge and even DSLR cameras.

Hope this little review article can help someone out there.

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