Better Investment, Better Panalo! Premyo Bonds 2
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It is that time of the year again where the Bureau of Treasury is offering their 1-year maturity Premyo Bond investment with 1.25% annual interest rate.


Better Investment, Better Panalo! Premyo Bonds 2
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As we approach December and is waiting for our 13th Month pay (hopefully it will not be cancelled because of the pandemic). We can park some funds to this investment vehicle for at least a year and earn some juicy interests.


Depending on the amount of your investment, the interest earned may not be much. However, 1.25% annual rate is far more bigger than the 0.125% offered by bank's regular savings account.




Why Invest in Premyo Bonds?


Since this is a debt obligation issued by the government, it is considered low-risk and the promise of repayment is set in stone when the investment reaches maturity date.


Unlike stocks that is prone to fluctuations, government bonds repayment is fixed regardless of the economic state in 2021.


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How much can I Invest?


The starting investment is Php 500 and can be increased up to Php 10,000,000. When adding funds to the investment, it should be in multiples of Php500.



When is the Maturity Date?


It will be 1 year after the Issue Date. For this year, given that there will be no changes, it will be on December 16, 2021.



Why is it called Premyo Bonds?



Aside from being an investment vehicle, investors are entitled also for a raffle. Every Php 500 is equivalent to 1 raffle ticket.


Below are the raffle prizes:


  • 1 winner of Php 1,000,000
  • 10 winners of Php 100,000
  • 50 winners of Php 20,000


Also, there is a non-cash reward in the form of a car (Two Toyota Innovas).



When is the Bond Offering Period?



The Premyo Bond offering started on November 11, 2020 and will end on December 11, 2020.



How do I Invest?



You can use BTr's online facility to buy. Go to this link and scroll down to How to Invest Through The BTR Online Facility.


You can also buy directly through participating Banks/Selling Agents.


Below are the list:


  • BDO (BDO Unibank, Inc)
  • BDO Capital (BDO Capital & Investment Corp)
  • China Banking Corporation (“Chinabank”)
  • DBP (Development Bank of the Philippines)
  • FMIC (First Metro Investment Corp)
  • LANDBANK (Land Bank of the Philippines)
  • Metropolitan Bank & Trust Company (“Metrobank”)
  • Philippine National Bank (“PNB”)
  • PNB Capital (PNB Capital and Investment Corporation)
  • Unionbank (Union Bank of the Philippines)
Are there any Requirements?


You only need to have a bank account from one of the above list to be eligible.




The year 2020 gave the world many challenges. But humanity, driven by the unshakable faith and hope that there will be a better tomorrow - We can get through this.







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