What Is the Greatest Gift You Can Give This Christmas?
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The Christmas season is upon us. You might be thinking of what gifts to buy for your loved ones. Presents are good and all. It is our way to show tangible proof of our love for them.


Your Time is the greatest gift that you can give this Christmas
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But aside from showering them with material gifts. There is one great gift that you can give to your loved ones, and that is your Time.


Time is the most valuable resource that you can give. In the same vein, Time is the greatest gift that you can receive.


So how will you spend your precious time this holiday season?


  1. Give time to God - If you celebrate Christmas, you believe that Jesus Christ must be at the center of everything you do. I fondly remember when our parents brought us, siblings, to church regularly. It even came to a point where I wanted to be a priest when I grew up.
  2. Set a family day time - Build marvelous memories with your loved ones by spending special moments with them. Be it eating lunch outside after mass or having a family dinner date. These don't need to be fancy and expensive. What's most important here is that you dedicate time to your spouse, children, or partner.
  3. Visit your parents - If we follow the ideal hierarchy of life, it is a given that our parents are the first to go before us. When my mother left us last February of this year, I was not able to go home to say my goodbyes because of the tight travel restrictions back then. But thanks at least to technology, I was still able to deliver my eulogy via video call. So spend time with your parents while you still have them.
  4. Rekindle Friendship - As you go through life, you will meet several people that will become friends with you. However, only a handful of individuals can be considered your true friends. Visit them if you physically can. If not, then there is technology to bridge the gap.
  5. Spend some ME Time - Spending time alone is essential for you to recollect and reconnect to yourself. Given our world, having a sense of self is sometimes hard to achieve. Because we tend to build ourselves based on what other people want us to be. Spend some time alone. In other words, do a soul search.





As we celebrate Christmas and the New Year, we should remember that giving our own Time for others is the greatest gift we can offer. Material things are just an added perk, though a very welcoming one.


Let us celebrate this month with our loved ones. Let us also pray, believe, and hope for a much better new year's chapter.


How did you spend your time with your loved ones? Share your perspective by commenting below.






"No amount of money ever bought a second of Time"
Tony Stark
- Your Life In Perspective by ÆlfRæd (Elf Counsel)
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