How To Compute Your 13th Month Pay
   Updated: 2019-04-04T02:46:33Z
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December! It is probably the happiest month of the year. This is the month where resolutions are made and mostly broken at the start of the new year. Long Holidays, Sales here and there, Parties left and right, Gift giving, and playing the game of tag or hide and seek with our god-children…. If you know what I mean.

But the most anticipated part of this month is the giving of the 13th-month pay. This annual gesture from our company will make us forget all the negativity that we felt... Well, at least for the month of December that is.

Below is a simple infographic showing how to compute your 13th Month Pay.

How to compute your 13th month pay
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Hoping this article can help someone out there. Visit the Department of Labor and Employment for more information.

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