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I've been on hiatus for quite sometime when it comes to working online, because of this my accounts were disabled. So, when I finally have the resolve to be back in the fold, I am faced with the dilemma to either create new accounts or just reactivate my old ones.

I thought to myself that it is much easier to create a new account, so I register to a freelancing website and started tweaking my profile. However, my inner conscience told me to check my old account. Obviously, it was already disabled, so I go through the process of resetting my password. Good thing that I still remember my Email password (don't ever forget your email password!) and was able to get the verification link, to cut the story I was able to log in. (simple enough...)

I was able to access my account and had some nostalgic trips in it. When I checked my fund's page, my nostalgia was stopped abruptly when I saw that it still has some funds remaining. Then, it was decided.... I will reactivate my accounts!

My freelancing account is linked to Payoneer,Payoneer is a financial services business that provides online money transfer and e-commerce payment services. Payoneer is a registered Member Service Provider of MasterCard worldwide. ” - Source Wikipedia. In order for me to transfer funds to Payoneer. 

Obviously, I need to reactivate it.

Without further ado, here are the steps:

  1. Go to then click My Account.

  1. Provide the username (email address) and click forgot your password.

I know you are thinking that the process is so easy. Well, it is not that easy especially when I found out that the account was already blocked. That even the forgot password is not working.

You want proof? Here is the screenshot.

Now, for the not so easy part. Since I was unable to change my password using the regular method. I need to think outside the box.

  1. I go back to the home page, hover Support Center and click Contact Us

  1. To quicken the process, I used Payoneer's search feature.

  1. I typed “Account Blocked” on the search bar and hit enter.
  1. I clicked on the relevant result which is first on the list. “Why is my account blocked

  1. The answer states: “Please Contact Us for further assistance”. I don't really have much choice but to click the link if I want to reactivate my account.

  1. From here I need to choose the method of communication to contact Payoneer. I selected Live Chat.

  1. I am unable to login so I clicked Continue.

  1. I've provided the necessary details and clicked submit.

  1. From this point forward. I played the waiting game. I've waited for almost an hour for my chat request to be connected.
  1. I was finally connected to a chat representative. The representative asked me the following questions to verify my account:
  • Birth Date
  • Security Question
  • Address that is registered on the account.
  1. The good thing is I still remember all my of these vital information. He was able to open my account and reactivate it. Yay!
  1. Since my account was blocked, he also initiated a new card delivery. Which is a good thing because I lost my card also ^_^.
  1. I asked the representative if it is possible to mail the card on a different address, because I am not living on that address as of now. He told me that it is possible but the charge will be $12. Well, no need to argue on that.....
  1. He then advised me to proceed with the process of resetting the password. I've gone with the process with him still online to make sure that I don't encounter any errors.
  1. Received an email containing the instructions on how to reset the password.

  1. When the process is all done. I've finally scene the most beloved message!

  1. Final test to make sure that it is compete.

If ever the chat was disconnected, they will send an email to continue the process through Email that is. However, please take note that using email communication is much slower than live chat.

I know there are other ways on how to do it in a much shorter way. But this process worked for me. This is my Life in Perspective.

Hope you like my little How To and may find it useful.

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