Travelling Essentials - What to bring when going out of town.
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Who does not love to travel? We are all wanderlust at heart! We want to travel as many places as we could. We even want to travel to the moon if given the chance. But my guide only covers the earth, so we are going to leave that for another topic… ^_^.  Traveling can do many wonders to ourselves, it relieves stress, it give us peace of mind, it helps us gather our wits and be back on focus, and most of all it gives us wonderful memories and experiences that we can tangibly tell.

Preparing the essentials will ensure that our dream travel will not turn into a nightmare. So how do you prepare? Below are the guidelines:

  • Know  the lay of the land – You must know the general layout of the place if it is a mountain trail, place2place hopping, a beach or a combination of the above. Having knowledge of the place will help you prepare for what to bring.
  • Research – You must have a general knowledge of the culture of the place you are traveling to. This is to ensure that you will not unintentionally be in clash with the locals. (When in Rome, do what the Romans do)
  • Travel Light – Remember that traveling involves a lot of walking, so make sure that you are only packing light. The last thing you want to feel is stiff shoulders! A 25L backpack is a good start.

Now that you have the guidelines, it is time to prepare your essentials.

what to bring when going out of town
"Rose desert in Cappadocia" by Moyan Brenn is licensed under CC BY 2.0

  • Shoes – Any perfect fit and comfortable rubber shoes will do. Except when traveling to trails, you need dedicated trail shoes to ensure safety. Just bring one!
  • Clothing – Look for a breathable fabric it can help cool down your body. Remember, that the priority here is to literally be cool, second is to look cool. Wear bright color clothing as it deflects sunlight.
  • Money – The notion of money can't buy you happiness does not apply here. You need money to enjoy your travel. You may want to buy souvenirs for your loved ones, paying fees, meals, and others… the list goes on…. Bring cash and it should be in smaller bills only since you don't know if there will be an ATM.
  • Camera – You need to have at least an evidence of your travels. So a capable camera is a must.
    • If you are a professional photographer, then a DSLR is a must have. If you are an amateur, then use a bridge camera. For novice, a capable point and shoot or phone camera will do
  • Mobile Phone – This will ensure that your social media platforms are updated in real time. Seriously though, the real purpose is to have a constant communication with your loved ones and for them to keep tabs on your current location, and be able to report in case of an emergency. (Data plan and a load is a must.)
  • Power is everything – An already full charged extra battery, power bank, and main charger adapter.
  • Seal – Waterproof bags/seal, you don't want to cry at the end because your phone jumps into the water.
  • Smile – Don't be a gloomy traveler, smile and greet the people you meet. Show them goodness and you will be shown goodness in return.
  • Enjoy – Don't let trivial things drag you down! Enjoy the best of everything even your travel delays.
  • Pray – You left your place in one piece, you must return also in one piece.

There you have it. Armed with the necessary essentials and guidelines it will definitely make your travel memorable and enjoyable. When your friends / loved ones ask you… How's your travel? Then you will just reply… Let us go and grab some coffee, for this will be a long and great story.

- Your Life In Perspective.
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