The Financial Scam's Anatomy
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In our effort to earn more to provide for our loved ones and ourselves, we sometimes lose our logical reasoning and begin to think and decide using our emotions. This is one of the many reasons why we fall into Financial Scams.
Financial Scam Anatomy
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At some point in our lives, we will be a victim of a scam… be it a a financial scam or a scam of the "heart". Falling in love to the wrong person can be considered as the greatest scam of all… but let us part that topic for now and focus on the Financial Scam part. ^_^ I was also a victim of a financial scam way back. So, in a way, I am familiar with the subject.

Why do we fall?

The promise of a High Return with minimal Investment Capital.

Because we are not gazillionaires who can pump money to any given investment, we tend to choose our options carefully. Due to this, we most likely to fall to a "Low Risk – High Reward" scheme which is basically a template for a scam.

How do we fall?

The answer is Time
We are racing against time

As humans, we are unfortunately given a time limit. Waiting for a 5 to 10 year period for an investment to grow is a no-no. So, when a scheme is offering a quick Return of investment (ROI) – let us say an ROI after 1 month, we who are not immortals will quickly latch on to this opportunity.

These two reasons are enticing enough to dive in headfirst to a scam, but sometimes this is not enough to push you into action. The final nail in the coffin is… Environment.

We are Social Creatures

We are built to be social creatures. Meaning, we seek the company of others. It is really hard to be steadfast and take a stand if a certain scheme is a scam when everyone around you is saying the contrary. It is hard to join in a conversation where they are talking about their earnings and you are out of the loop. If you try to talk to them that it is a scam, you will be lynched and be talked as envious/jealous of their progress. Due to this fear of being outcast and alone, you abandon your reason, invest your hard-earned money, and be a victim yourself.

But the worst is yet to come… remember our race against time? Yes, time will play a hand here because you arrived late in the party, you will likely to pump more money to be at the same level as your scam buddies. Now, when reality strikes, all you can do is regret, cry, and wallow in pain.

Always do your own research before entering any investment schemes.


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