iBlog: The 15th Philippine Blogging Summit - The Finale!
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Every journey has its end, but it doesn't mean that we also need to stop moving forward. We bloggers must not stop. We must evolve.

That was the very essence of the talk that was held on November 09, 2019 at Malcolm Hall, College of Law, UP Diliman, Quezon City.

Blogging in its Infancy

Blogging, in its very roots, was just a means of expression (an online diary) by an individual, utilizing the internet to reach a wide audience. We can say that it was an early form of social media , where you can post updates that can be viewed by others. Back in the day, adding any form of monetization scheme to a blog is frowned upon. Yet, it evolved.

First Evolution

As years passed, blogging evolved from an individual's online diary to a niche topic blogs. Bloggers, now give value to their audience by providing content that can help them solve a particular challenge or problem. Businesses, saw the potential of blogs as a means of lead generation that the taboo of blogs not having ADs was broken. Now, almost all blogs in existence are running some type of monetization. This is a good thing, because bloggers are now rewarded of their efforts and is now able to churn more content because the expenses side of maintaining a blog (domain, hosting, and content research) is now being covered by their revenue.

Second Evolution

If we mention blogging, we usually think of content in written form, which is not wrong for obvious reasons. However, as new technology arrives, bloggers evolved to provide content in these new technologies. Now, blogging encompasses the three learning styles of audiences: Visual (written content), Auditory (audio content), and Kinesthetic (video content). And in the same sense, bloggers, aside from being writers, are also Social Media Influencers, Audio/Video bloggers.

Third Evolution?

Not an evolution per se, but a new form of platform where bloggers can deliver their content. As one of the panelists said, "live streaming" is the next big thing. Camera shy or not, we need to take advantage of this trend, because this is an emerging market here in the Philippines.

The blogging industry has evolved so much that the term blogger is somewhat outdated. We are not just Bloggers, we are Content Creators.

The Finale! Celebrating the Impact of Blogging and Moving Forward!

- The Affluent Perspective by Ælfræd "Elf Counsel"

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