Rama International Beach Resort
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This little review should have been posted last December 2015. However, due to some busy schedule, I was not able to do so. I was not even able to publish any posts to fill up the hole on my blog. Let me start the year (2016) right by publishing articles that you may find interesting! So here it is...

Having a little R&R to relieve stress is a hard thing to do especially if you have just a weekend to spare (2 days). As I browse the internet to find someplace to have a quick getaway, I've stumbled this resort in Botolan, Zambales. However, the reviews about the place are scarce and their website only offers basic information. I told myself that I should try it anyway.

I scheduled my travel on a Saturday, armed with the necessary equipment (a mobile phone with an offline GPS navigation App) since I don't know the place. I hit the bus terminal, bought a ticket and start traveling. It took 6hrs for me to reach the place because the bus didn't use the expressway, and has stopped between terminals.

If you are coming from Manila the signboard will be on your left side but the bus will be in the right lane, making it hard to see if you are not paying attention enough. I alighted from the bus and started to walk for several meters (500 meters if I am not mistaken) before I reached the place. Once in the place, I fell in love with it directly... It is so tranquil and peaceful, my first impression was maybe I was the only guest. But I really dig it if I was the only one though ^_^ since I am looking for a place that is secluded and far from the busy city life.

I head to the front desk and presented my booking details (Always book your accommodation before going to a place to save yourself from hassle. This should be the first step in any travel itinerary) and viola, I can finally relax after that long ride.

I booked a family sized room since the other rooms are not available. The most important thing is I have room to sleep in. I just rested for a while and headed out to enjoy the scenery carrying my little bridge camera and phone.

Just enjoying the view....

The sunset...

Dinner time...

The food was delicious and mouthwatering. I was not able to take some pictures of it because I was busy indulging myself. You can also bring your own food if you are planning to have a cookout in the place. (with a little corkage fee of course)

After my sumptuous dinner, I bought a few drinks, walked at the shore enjoying the calm night and watching the other guests having fun. I also had the privilege to talk with the owner of the resort whose a foreigner and was able to practice my English speaking skill. ^_^ After that I retire for the night.

The next day, I wake up early to view the sunrise. It was superb and it really completed my weekend trip. After that, I ate my breakfast and took some more pictures of the place. At 12NN (it is their regular check out time) I checked out bringing the wonderful experience. Catching a ride back to Manila is easy. I just waited for several minutes and was able to hop a bus en route to Olongapo and from there ride another bus to Manila.

As the owner of the place told me, If you are a type of person who enjoys the likes of Boracay and other lively resorts. Then, this place is not for you. But if you love nature's tranquility and being at peace with it. This is the place to go.


Resort Name: Rama International Beach Resort
Address: Km. 189 National Rd., Binoclutan, Botolan, Zambales , Philippines
Website: http://www.ramabeachfrontresort.com/
Contact Info: http://www.ramabeachfrontresort.com/contacts.php

Additional Info:
  • They are protecting Pawikan (Sea Turtle) eggs from illegal poachers. There are assigned personnel in the resort who checked the shores regularly for nests, once they found a nest, they will dig the eggs and put it in their little sanctuary until it hatches. These newly hatched turtles will then be guided out to sea.
  • They usually hold an activity every Sunday evening that guests can truly enjoy.
  • Every morning the guests are given an information sheet which contains: The weather of the day, list of activities that guests can do and also the activities that the Resort is holding for that particular day.

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