Wonder Women: 7 Personal Finance Blogs by Empowered Filipino Women
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As we honor our women this National Women's Month, let's check some of our empowered females. As they help fellow Filipinos to become financially healthy.


Wonder Women: 7 Personal Finance Blogs by Empowered Filipino Women
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    But First, there was this story…



    Obviously, this story didn't actually happen and is outright fake. The story had taken many versions, as you can find here.


    Still you can get two lessons from this:


    1. Verify first the credibility of the story to not fall victim to fake news.
    2. Women play a huge role in the success of men. "Behind every successful man is a strong woman"


    Historically, the purpose of women is to take care of their families. They are treated as items ready to be sold to the highest bidder.


    As the world grew more… at least civilized, women's rights are also gaining traction. One great success of these fights was when women were allowed to vote in elections.


    Personal Finance is the realm women are comfortable dealing with. This is because of their natural ability to be resourceful. Especially when it comes to the needs of their family.


    Also, in a typical Filipino household, the mother is in charge of the budget and the family's well-being. This is why mothers are called Ilaw ng Tahanan.


    So it is only natural that we have Female Financial Bloggers dominating the scene.


    Let me introduce you to some of them:



    Izza from Savings Pinay

    Website: https://savingspinay.ph/



    Ameena from The Thrifty Pinay

    Website: https://www.thethriftypinay.com/



    Sheila from Pinay Teenvestor

    Website: https://pinayteenvestor.com/



    Christine from Money Girl Philippines

    Website: http://www.moneygirlphilippines.com/start-here/



    Rose from FQ Mom

    Website: https://fqmom.com/articles/



    Katie from Katie Scarlett Needs Money

    Website: https://katiescarlettneedsmoney.com/



    Ginger from Mommy Ginger

    Website: https://mommyginger.com/




    Closing Thoughts


    The women's struggle for equal rights and recognition is far from over. There are still many nuances that this male-favored world is throwing at them.


    Remember, every time we fail to give women the respect they deserve. We also indirectly fail to respect our female loved ones. And most of all, to our God the Creator.


    The tagline " WE Make CHANGE Work for Women" was taken from the Philippine Commission on Women website.




    What you should do today


    Do you know other Personal Finance blogs led by our empowered Filipino women? Share them by commenting below.

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    "Feminism isn't about making women stronger. Women are already strong, it's about changing the way the world perceives that strength."
    - G.D. Anderson
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