How to Pick the Right Stocks to Invest In
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It is an undeniable fact that politics affect stock market performance, especially if it involves the highest position in the land where economic decisions are made. This coming presidential election, we voters need to do our research and cross-check with facts before casting our vote. Pretty much the same when we choose what Stocks to buy.


Politics and Stock Market Performance How to Pick the Right Stocks to Invest In
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    Politics and stock market performance is correlated. You can't deny that it will send jitters in the economy depending on who wins.


    This is true if you are trading stocks, where fluctuations are immediately felt. If you are investing in stocks for the longterm, the effect may or may not directly impact you since time will correct the market fluctuations.


    The exception, however, is if the one sitting on top is incompetent enough to make the country regress so much. Time will still correct it, but our lifespan is not enough to wait for it.


    So choose the right candidate for the sake of your country and investment.



    How to Choose the Right Stock to Buy?


    1. You Must Understand How a Company Business Works


    One reason why many people are getting scammed is that they only look at the result.


    Like if you hear "double your money in one week." You will lose your sense of reason and are tempted to invest your money in it.


    If you are not looking at the process of how the company can double your money in that short amount of time, how can they sustain it to many investors?


    If you can understand a company's line of business on how they are making their profit, then you are already way better than other investors.



    2. Choose a Company with a Proven Track Record


    Penny Stocks are very good for trading because of their price fluctuations. Traders love these stocks. However, if you enter this realm, make sure you have money to burn and are ready to go in battle with the company-backed traders.


    Big Cap Stocks are a different beast. They move slowly in terms of price fluctuations. Stock investors love these types of stocks as they are for the long term.


    Take for example, BPI (Bank of the Philippine Islands) was founded in 1851. Jose Rizal was not even born yet. The company survived two world wars, several economic crashes, and pandemics.


    But the company did not fold. It is still doing business today.


    If it is not a sign of a competent track record, I don't know what is.


    If you want to know about these big capital stocks, you can look at the members of the Philippine Stock Market Index (PSEi).



    3. Establish Your Own Investment Goals


    At the end of the day, the efforts you've made to better yourself are for you to have a better life in the future. Be it for yourself or your family.


    When picking a stock, aside from the mentioned points above, you must align it with your personal goals.


    If you align your investment decisions to your personal goals, you will likely take them seriously.


    Treat your investments as a business, and a business needs constant monitoring, research, and patience.


    Don't just choose a stock because someone said so. Choose a stock because it can help you achieve your goals for the future.



    Closing Thoughts


    Choosing the right stock to buy takes a lot of time and effort on your part. But this is a necessary need because your future and the future of your family depends on it.


    Much like in casting your vote this coming election, you must:


    • Understand the political platform.
    • Check if the candidate have a credible and outstanding record.
    • Are the goals of these politicians align with yours.




    What you should do today


    Did you do your research when choosing a stock, just as you did with your chosen candidates?


    Share your perspective of how you chose a stock to buy by commenting below.


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