Top 5 Amazing Blog Posts of 2022
Updated: 2023-01-01T07:58:14Z
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As we wrap the year 2022 and face the challenges of the new year 2023, let us revisit the top articles of Your Life in Perspective blog.


Top 5 Amazing Blog Posts of 2022
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    5. SSS Pension Calculator: How Much Monthly Pension Will You Get When You Retire



    You might be thinking that the social security pension plan provided by SSS will be your safety net when you retire. Will it be enough? That is the million-dollar question.



    4. A Quick Introduction to Short Selling



    The news of having a short-selling feature made rounds in 2018. Because of the dangers of short-selling, it only gained approval from SEC in 2020. As per the latest news, short-selling will be rolled out in the first quarter of 2021. Or so we thought…



    3. COL Financial Buy and Sell Calculator



    If you want to know how much profit you can rake once you sell your position. You can use this tool. This Stock Profit or Loss Calculator gives you an exact number of your selling price.



    2. COL Financial Average Down Calculator



    Stock average down is the name of the game if you trust the company's fundamentals and go for the long term. Ever since I've created this stock average calculator in 2018, it has become the most accessed article on this blog.



    1. PhilHealth Contribution Calculator for 2022



    As for the year 2022, the premium rate for PhilHealth is 4%. Coming 2023, this will increase by another 0.50%, making the premium rate 4.50%.



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    Enjoy the New Year 2023!


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    "New year is the glittering light to brighten the dream-lined pathway of future."
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