PhilHealth Contribution Calculator for 2023
Updated: 2023-01-05T06:49:10Z
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UPDATE: As per the latest news, the government issued an order to suspend this year's PhilHealth premium increase (PhilHealth premium hike halted in 2023). PhilHealth will still be using the 4% premium instead of 4.50% for the year 2023 until further notice. Refer to this calculator PhilHealth Contribution Calculator for 2022 to compute your contribution. This is our Introductory gift for the year. Effective January 2023, the PhilHealth contribution will (again) increase. The lowest combined (employer-employee) contribution amount will be Php450, while the ceiling contribution is Php4050.


PhilHealth Contribution Calculator for 2023
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This increase will continue until 2025 at a rate of 0.50% per year. Meaning, by 2025, the PhilHealth premium rate will be 5%.


Read the article New PhilHealth Contribution Table Effective 2020 to learn more.


PhilHealth Contribution Calculator for 2023

Instruction: Do not add a comma when inputting values. For example, you need to enter 1700 instead of 1,700 to calculate the values correctly.


(Monthly Basic Salary x Contribution Percentage) divided by 2

Your Contribution Your Employer's Contribution Total
Your Yearly Contribution
Combined Yearly Contribution




Closing Thoughts


For example, if your monthly salary is Php30,000, your monthly PhilHealth contribution based on the new premium rate is Php675.00. There is a Php75.00 increase compared to last year's premium rate of Php600.00.


Use the PhilHealth Contribution Calculator for 2022 for comparison.




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